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World Evangelization and Globalization
We are a unique generation as we are in the middle of Globalization and world evangelization, simultaneously. The World is always changing in some good but mostly in to a hopeless mess many call progress. We face new realities, challenges and expensive life style fixes. One of them is to understand right context in the Christian experience and find right balance between the sacred and secular while living in the perspective of material prosperity. We want to live tall and fill our living fast and big. Many of us naively expect PC to pray for us and a CD to minister for us for we are convinced such is a part of the church ministry.

In pursuit of globalization, global village three disasters have hit us hard:

1, Our freedom has been=2 0disordered if not disappearing without impunity.
2, Rugged Individualism, the new found god rules without check and bound.
3, Planet earth is deteriorating if not dying without capable care.

At home, our liberty is distorted, freedom is held hostage to forces that control oilfields. Many Perto rich Islamists who take over $750 Billion dollars annually from the USA alone are funding medieval mi litants who are convinced, they are still fighting “Crusaders.” A major shift in power is undergoing and the political pundits are not admitting it. Today's terrorism is the new face of old Jehad among many.

At the economic stage of the world new giants are emerging particularly in Asia where globalization has helped produce another monster, ' the rugged individualism,' a newfound idol that does not settle unless it is enthroned, for it is built on endless ego. A successful individual in Asia does not care what American ideal is, and when it sta nds in the way he/she is willing to confront it. An Arab entrepreneur in Dubai commented, " Why should I bother to envy Westerners when they are coming here to seek employment?"

One thing is obvious, we want to move increasingly fast to accomplish the new ideals but proportionately have little time for the real things. We are preoccupied with things we were to keep distance from and have been taken over by stuff that is not of God. For example, we work hard to the rhythm of lifestyle gurus a nd are conformed to the marketplace mentality. We do not seek the Kingdom of God first and practice His righteousness at our best habitually unless we are in a revival meeting ( Matthew 6:33). That is why, we may succeed professionally but are defeated personally.

We are a generation of smart saints who are savvy enough to keep our job, attend our church and pay our bills in time but do not have time for God, family and friends let alone evangelize our community. Not only we are bypassing the imminently important but often surpassing it by a rut that only suit our culture. No wonder we are increasingly fatigued, incrementally fearful and overly concerned about stuff Christ t old us not to worry about. We have a redeemed soul but our minds are secularized!

Every time I am among Muslims I am stuck with the fact that these people have time, plenty of time for to practice I slam and please their peer s. They are never in hurry when it comes to prayer time. For 1400 years Muslims have been able to maintain praying 5 times a day in groups in mosques without altering a line in it. It has helped them to continue as a community (even in the West), maintain transferability of faith and zeal for Muhammad. They have successfully harmonized new trends and subdued threatening cultural challenges. Although, waste majority of Muslims are more backward and poorer than Westerners but they are more committed to their faith, family, religion, values, virtues and grass root communities.

For 1400 years Muslim did not allow any new ideal and an idol in religion. Unlike Westerners, most Muslims do not20go through the trauma of reinventing themselves to suit time and fit impending standards of modernity. They say, "Why fix it when it is not broken." They fall back on continuity of religion, community of their birth and tradition of fathers. Therein, they feel secured and find success. It is that simple. Tragically, westernized Christians have not truly realized their greatest potential in Christ Jesus and have not internalized the hope of glory and scope of our success in Him. We need not look beyond Him.

In Him are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge and we are complete in Him
- Colossians 1:15-20, 27-28; 2:9-10.

While the world continue to conquer through globalization the church continue to fight within. Jealousy, friction=2 0and frustration from another and self serving secularized mind burn us faster. We are a generation that prefer to fantasize and lip serve quick fixes and easy bailouts without taking pain for Christ’s concerns . In pursuit of getting to the top and becoming richer we are going nowhere and have become a face in the crowd, a statistic i n someone's data base who can manipulate at will. No wonder we need soothing prophets and ple asing preachers who boost our ego, compromise our piety and transport us back to the world where we came from. Getting rich quick and big has overwhelmed us and we muse if we were saved and sanctified. Jesus questions, “what good is it if you gain the whole world but loose soul in the process?”

Biblically speaking, life and eternity is all about Christ. All else is detail and drag. Christ is it, not me and mine. We are created for the worship and works of Christ. Why should we do more for ourselves when we have a Savior and Master, who does not lack power but opportunity. I cannot think of a more fulfilling cause and more fruitful task than evangelizing our world?

Much is mentioned today about frequent visitation of God. There are only two verses in the entire New Testament that give reference to a20visitation of or from God. Both refer to unbelievers and highlight their need of salvation. First, Weeping over Jerusalem, Christ Jesus prophesied her destruction, “Because you did not know the time of your visitation” ( Luke 19 :41-44). Second, instruction to believers regarding their conduct among Gentiles, the Apostle Peter instructed, “that they may, by your good works which they observe, glorify God in the day of visitation” - I Peter 2:12. As then and now God continue to visit people primarily to save them from sin!

More and more church goers in our self serve Christianity are being lured in to convenient theology that the Holy Spirit is our helper, implying that He is appointed to serve us. The Scripture reveal otherwise. Ever y time the Spirit fell, He fell on anticipating and awaiting disciples who were occupied in worship and were over eager to witness. Each time the visitation came it was farther and farther from Jerusalem until the then known world was evangelized. Christ used the new born baby church, consisting ordinary and unskilled people to change the world forever. The world has not been evangelized since!

Our vision and vows will remain intact and guarded no matter how long and what we face provided we persevere in living the Gospel of God. May you have more of Him!

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