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WHAT YOU THINK OF JESUS CHRIST? No one has withstood more the tests of time, cultures and emergencies than Jesus Christ and no solitary life makes claims and back them up with 100% accuracy than Jesus Christ. Making Him not only unique, special and a category of His own but also reveals that Christ Jesus is larger than life, as if He was the real life and all else is mere detail. READ MORE »

Understanding and relating to Christian and Muslims issues! There is more substance of spiritual significance and eternal importance that bind believers in Christianity and Islam for the glory of Allah – God and benefit of humanity yet because of persistent ignorance, historic prejudices and manipulative schemes of man a gap remains that cause misunderstanding and mistrust! READ MORE »

Christ Jesus is immutable, eternal and infinite. Forever the same in glory and unchanged in grace and goodness - Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever - Hebrews 13:8 Jesus Christ, the Savior and the Master is in a class by Himself and in a category of His own transcending time and eternity! READ MORE »

World Evangelization and Globalization. We are a unique generation as we are in the middle of Globalization and world evangelization, simultaneously. The World is always changing in some good but mostly in to a hopeless mess many call progress. We face new realities, challenges and expensive life style fixes. READ MORE »


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